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A young student at the University of Évora, searches for interesting and relevant information for his doctoral thesis in the ancient books of the Library. Among time yellowed and stained pages, he finds a small envelope with the letterhead of Frei Manuel of the Cenacle. Inside, an enigmatic letter in a shaky and hasty handwriting…

After many days trying to decode that encrypted note, the student discovers the name of an ancient street of Évora …

“Rua dos Caldeireiros”

Knowing that number 9A of Rua dos Caldeireiros, now a museum, had once been a secondary residence of the Archbishop, the young man decides to investigate, convinced that the Archbishop hid a valuable piece to prevent it from being stolen or destroyed during the Napoleonic invasions.

Determined, he heads towards Rua dos Caldeireiros, 9A. He pays to the to the lady who guards the museum, so that she lets him in.
She just tells him “You have one hour… before we open to the public”.

Confident and determined to find out what the Archbishop has hidden, the young man enters, having only these words in mind: “I have one hour…”